Joy Hotel Fedaia

You pay ONLY the service YOU BOOK!

Canazei - Val di Fassa - Dolomiti - Trentino

JOY HOTEL... Our home is Your home!

We have decided to be different, a new way of thinking about You and your needs. 

We want You to feel comfortable in a cozy atmosphere!

... THE breakfast you have never expected... come and try it!

The best memory I have of my mother and my granny, the one I always hold in my heart, is when they were trying to remember the features of all the faces that entered our home and spent some days there. I only remember all those heavy suitcases I had to bring up the stairs in the rooms. “Rosalba” – my mother kept telling me – learn how to smile… the best is yet to come”.

JOY HOTEL FEDAIA is a family house where we have grown up. Spread around it is possible to find several family memories: a table, a chair, a vase, a picture. Here, you can find a relaxing atmosphere while, looking out at the window, the nature shows you its wonderful colors.

Hospitality, good mood and a simple and open welcome: you will feel like home. Our strategic location will allow you to reach Canazei easily with the ski bus service or on foot. Alba is that village, where time still follows a natural rhythm.

Our territory is so wide: today you can enjoy an ice climb with Gino, our mountain guide and ski instructor. He is Rosalba’s husband but also a comrade, a friend. His motto is: It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed, the main thing is the route taken and to stay together roped up.

Tomorrow, a walk with snow shoes as recommended by Tommaso. Into the wood you will feel its wild flavours and when you will come back, Angelica will remind you that everyday-life is far away.

The Dolomites, Marmolada, art, cuisine, nature and sport… life is so much more enjoyable, here.


You pay ONLY the service YOU BOOK!

We have chosen a new style... We have MADE A CHOICE... which sounds like COURAGEOUS! We want to be UNIQUE and offer a new interpretation of HOLIDAY in Val di Fassa.

JOY HOTEL FEDAIA choses dynamism, transparency, easiness and responsibility. We SEE how needs change… and we get them!

JOY HOTEL FEDAIA means territory attachment, freshness, ecology, economy, sport, nature… and relax

You pay only what you choose which means that, first of all, you can EXACTLY know the budget before going on holiday, and secondly, you can help us to reduce wastage.


It is possible to have a dynamic, enjoyable and stunning holiday especially if you are responsible and JOY-ful!