Our philosophy

Our Joy Atmosphere
It has been two years since we are JOY B&B ! This is really a new, succesful formula because we think it is really great to feel free to choose. When we go abroad we also want to know exactly what and when to expend our budget, so, we have decided to use this philosophy in our business.
In the morning everybody is in a hurry as well as in a slow-moving mood: people read their maps, get ready for skiing or climbing. It seems that wings grow on those who have chosen to ski, while roots on those, who step by step, reach the mountain peak.
People think: “My holiday at the end“!
And in the afternoon? What can you do? You can have a spritz aperitif, a cup of tea, a hug, or we can just chat a little.In the evening, if you have no hurry to go out, we can prepare some good snack… maybe we all need that special ingredient…